We aim to enhance plant innate immunity, construct disease resistant transgenic plants, and express protein chimeras with pathogen recognition and lysis domains. Our first go-to-market products focus on preventing and clearing devastating and existential global diseases affecting citrus and grape, with additional product therapies for apple, pear, olive, and tomato diseases. 


  • Topical Peptide Therapy for Grape (Pierce’s Disease) and other Xf-based bacterial diseases.

  • Topical Peptide Therapy for Citrus (HLB/Citrus Greening)

  • Nanoparticle Spray Delivery for Crops

  • Non-Transgenic and Transgenic Products in Citrus, Grape, Apple, Olive, and Tomato. 

Before Treatment

After Treatment (3 Months)

After Treatment (3 Months)


Above is a grapevine infected with Pierce's disease.

After Treatment (3 Months)

After Treatment (3 Months)

After Treatment (3 Months)


Using our Topical Peptide Therapy for Grape, after three months, the vines show clearance of Pierce's disease.